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Make the best choice in cellophane with our plant made cello bag

Centaur Packaging can supply cellophane bag and polypropylene bag packaging for all your needs, suitable for foods including fudge, chocolates, wraps, ice-creams, homemade foods and craft projects. Our extensive range of cellophane packaging is the finishing touch for your products.

Centaur’s cellophane bags, including clear cellophane bags, large cellophane bags, small cellophane bags, and a massive variety of cellophane bag types, can be closed through decorative ties or ribbons, or with professional, airtight packaging sealed with a heat sealing machine.

Our range of plastic, cellulose and cellophane clear plastic cello bags comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The food grade materials make selecting the perfect package for your food products easy; plus we supply cellophane bags wholesale. We can also supply cellophane bags in clear Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP): visit our information section to find out more about the features and benefits of this material.

Centaur Packaging has a huge variety of cellophane bags, ranging from large cellophane bags, small cellophane bags, to clear cellophane bags for bonbonnieres, cello bags for party favours, cellophane wedding cake bags, cellophane christening cake bags, cookie bags, and of course, bags for retail and other uses, such as potpourri and craft products.

We can also supply custom sized bags for specific products and projects, and we can arrange logo and text printing, just contact us for a competitive quote, including cellophane bags wholesale.

Centaur Packaging are also specialty retail and gift bags experts, offering great wholesale prices and nationwide shipping. We can happily advise you on the best cellophane packaging products to meet your needs, ranging from clear cellophane bags, large cellophane, bags, small cellophane bags, and of course, cellophane bags wholesale. For even more information on our Cellophane products check out our information section.

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