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Our cookie bags & window retail bags are perfect for treats too

As the name suggests, Centaur Packaging cookie bags and window retail bags are perfect for cookies and other small baked treats. Our cookie bags are also ideal for a range of other products and are popular packaging solutions for coffee beans, dried tea leaves, muesli, dried nuts and fruits.

Our cookie bags bring down to earth organic charm, with natural brown and white exteriors, and a range of technical features to keep you products perfectly fresh inside. The cookie bags are lined with a high tech plastic food grade lining, which can be heat sealed airtight, and are designed to allow air to pass through the paper and coated lining.

Cookie bags can be supplied with optional tin ties, and when filled with product are self standing, making great display solutions and allowing versatile merchandising options. The visible product in the cookie bags is a great way to showcase your produce, and combined with Centaur Packaging branding and print solutions your product will be looking perfect on the shelf. Centaur Packaging cookie bags have made fantastic packing solutions for a wide range of products, including chocolate, muffins, lollies, nuts, check out our range of cookie bags for your product packaging today.

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